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    Industrial Chic is a design style that finds beauty in aged, utilitarian design.  It’s aged woods and worn textures mixed with forged or welded metal.  Tin, aluminum, iron, steel are all used in Industrial design so long as they have a matte finish and little hint of patina.  The look is simple and clean with a focus on function.

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We travel frequently to the States and have our local spotters over there. So we have shipments coming in regularly, or we work by order. Just drop us a note.


 Vintage Meters & Gauges  

Who doesn't love them? They have that old atmosphere and can work very decorative.
Presented in an old bottle, or included in a wall piece, in a lamp,... they give that special industrial touch to your interior.

Plate  Vintage License Plates

We have a collection of several vintage license plates. They can be very decorative because of their color schemes, or can be used in day to day objects. A hanger, a lamp,... see what you can do with them!

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